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For Businesses

Flexible, Efficient & Transparent
Turn unpaid receivables into cash. You choose which receivables to finance. We offer a tailored and flexible solution!
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For Investors

Liquid, Solid & Yielding
Highest Risk-Return ratio in the market. We offer short-term liquid investments (up to 4 months) with a return of more than 10 times as much as short-term deposits.
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See What Our Customers Are Saying

“Looking for financing from banks was a waste of time. When I came to Creditplace I was surprised how easy and flexible they are. Gave me exactly what my business needs.”

Jonathan Schwartz, CFO

Jerusalem, Israel

“Creditplace gave us the best support we needed exactly at the time we needed it most. It enabled us to grow our business”

David Brick, CFO

Tel Aviv, Israel

“I use Creditplace for short-term investments. The yield is un-parallel when considering the low risk.”

Arthur Safin, CEO

Tel Aviv, Israel

Why Use Creditplace Services?

We offer the first Peer to Business (P2B) receivable exchange. Allowing businesses the flexibility they require for growth and cash-flow optimization, and investors a short term, solid yield, safe investment channel, never before available
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Opening an account for both investors and businesses is fast, easy and free. We will do all the heavy lifting for you.
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For Businesses
You choose which receivables you want to finance.
For Investors
For investors Short-term, liquid, solid yield investment.
Full transparency
No hidden fees, clear value and straightforward approach. A FinTech company breaking the mold of the old financial system.

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